Deck accessories

Making your outdoor moments more memorable!

Patio accessories

Pur Patio  integrates and instals patio accessories such as lighting, planter boxes, sand boxes and more.

Making your outdoor moments more memorable!

Check out the many possibilities offered!

Patio lighting

PurPatio will design and install lighting for your patio, whether you’re looking at simple, practical lighting to allow cooking on the barbecue after sun-down or an intricate ambient lighting set-up.

We can create a more dramatic lighting with floor recessed lights (walk-over) designed to highlight the texture and details of your pergola.

Opt for safety with small DEL built-ins designed to light the patio steps automatically at sundown.

Accessories to brighten up your project!

Patio storage space

In need of extra space for the kids’ extensive collection of games? For your ladder or the winter tires? Ask Pur Patio to transform, the unused space under your deck or terrace into a weather-tight storage compartment. Indeed, it’s possible to create, during construction, a large volume of outdoor storage space under the deck, at little expense. Mention your needs during the planning stage of your new wooden deck.

Patio accessories to hide the clutter!

Patio cup holder

Another Pur Patio creation, and sure to be a great hit with all your guests: the built-in cup holder. Pur Patio can outfit your pool deck with its exclusive cup holders, both stylish and sophisticated. Of course, they’re just as useful holding a brandy snifter or a baby bottle. Just because we’re serious about building patios doesn’t  mean we can’t have a little fun!   

A very popular patio accessory!


Patio planter boxes

Planter boxes add life to your deck or terrace. Pur Patio can build custom planter boxes to enhance the beauty of your patio. We also build “portable” planters that can be moved around, depending on the weather or your mood.

Soon, PurPatio will offer red cedar planters entirely made with building site wastes and recycled boards, saved from landfilling. This is one of Pur Patio’s many initiatives designed to reduce its environmental impact.

Environmentally responsible patio accessories!

Pur Patio sandbox

We build sandboxes. You can now harmonize your children’s sandbox with your patio or your house. You can add a pergola to protect your children from the sun. A garage option for hard-driving trucks is also available.

Our sandboxes have wide, 5 1/2 in. edges so less flexible adults can sit more “comfortably”. At last, a company mindful of moms and dads who decide to help the kids build the biggest castle in the whole wide world!

Six feet by six feet sandbox with pergola and garage starting at $1,000 installation and sand included.

Pur Patio Arbor

We can build arbors of all kinds – show us your plans or let us design a unique model, just for you. PurPatio is the only Quebec agent for On the site, you’ll find many models that we offer.

Whether you wish to build a fitting entrance to your property or mark the end of a parking space and the start of a path, a cedar arbor will enhance your landscape.

Model shown is in red cedar, stained at the shop and installed at your home, starting at $3,000


Patio fireplace

Exterior fireplaces lend to the enjoyment of your outdoor evenings with dancing flames and gentle heat. And the more the season progresses, the more useful it becomes!

One of the characteristics of outdoor gas fireplaces is that they require no chimney. However, they must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and conform to non-combustible zone guidelines. Finishing around the fireplace can vary. A stainless steel firebox is particularly suited to highlighting the flames’ reflection. The base can be made of cement stones designed to resist moisture, crushed tempered glass crystals or even artificial logs, in the traditional style.

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