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Our decks must last as long as it takes a tree to grow.

The Pur-Évo Concept for Patios

The Pur-Évo is a modern patio of reasonable size, designed for today’s Quebec suburban home.

Less than 30 feet wide, the Pur-Évo can easily be adapted to your residence.

The Pur-Évo will let you enjoy the intimacy of your yard in a modern and pleasant environment.

An ultra-strong structural design, supported by screw pile foundations ensures the patio will remain straight and strong patio for decades.

Pur-Évo’s treated wood structure is entirely sealed to prevent water and moisture accumulation under the structure. The skirt circling the patio has been optimized to improve air circulation under the structure.

Flooring is available in a number of choices, be they wood or composite materials. Wood enthusiasts may opt for red or white cedar, roasted wood or Ipe, for a top of the line patio. As for composites, we offer you Fiberon’s Horizon series or Trex’s Transcend.

PurPatio offers four exclusive guardrail designs in stainless steel and tempered glass. We also design guardrails combining wood and glass or wood and aluminum.

Pur-Évo’s exclusive pergola models are especially designed to accommodate a retractable blind offering total UV protection. The combination of wood and stainless steel confers a totally modern look to the pergola. Its streamlined design avoids creating shade inside the house.

The lounging area of the Pur-Evo1 and Pur-Évo3 is fitted with a built-in sectional sofa. The advantage of such an integrated element is that it can remain in place all year long, eliminating the need for winter storage. In addition, the stainless steel finished coffee tables are designed to store all the sofa’s cushions, sheltered from the weather.

Pur-Évo Concept patios are available from $15,000.


PUR-ÉVO Concept 1

PUR-ÉVO Concept 2

PUR-ÉVO Concept 3

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