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Pur Patio specializes in the design of personalized outdoor structures. Each of our creations is unique and our expertise ensures that we will create an outdoor space with a design that will meet your needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to make your gathering space conducive to creating memorable moments by combining functionality, durability and innovative aesthetics.

All of our structures are built to the highest quality standards. For a patio to be durable and to withstand the test of time, it must be designed to breathe. Good air circulation under the structure is essential to reduce the humidity level in the lumber. Our proven construction technique leaves nothing to chance, as we work to minimize wood-to-wood contact and to increase air flow.

In addition to benefiting from an exceptional design, Pur Patio creations offer many possibilities in terms of design and layout. Take time to browse through this section and discover some of our latest realizations.

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