Our decks must last as long as it takes a tree to grow.


A cedar patio should be a pleasing spot to pass the time, a peaceful and safe environment to relax in. A deck is an exterior extension of your home and should blend with the architectural style of the house and reflect your tastes and wishes.


Pur Patio’s Absolute Quality

The rationale guiding Pur Patio stresses quality in all aspects, a commitment which we strive to honor. How many new home owners are forced to rebuild their patio after only five years of use while a patio should last at least 25 years? Our mission is to provide you with a lasting patio, designed to meet your needs for the next 25 years while representing an eco-logical and cost-effective choice, both for yourself and for the environment.

Your patio reacts as if it were alive

To ensure its durability, the patio’s design should allow the structure to breathe. Good air circulation under the deck is absolutely essential for maintaining the proper moisture content of the wood. Pur Patio’s unique construction techniques have the advantage of minimizing wood to wood contact and of increasing air circulation under the patio.


From foundation to finishing

According to the CMHC, a patio’s structure must support a dynamic load of 40 lb per ft2. In order to prolong the life of your wooden deck, Pur Patio proposes to double that dynamic load standard.

A patio structure designed to avoid water accumulation on the structural elements.

A membrane is installed on each beam to eliminate infiltration between the elements of compound beams. The end joist of all our patios is separated from the house by a membrane to avoid contact between the wood and any masonry present.

We place great importance in the quality of the projects we build.

Many of our clients comment on how building a patio looks easy. They’re right! All you need is the right technical knowledge, experience, a good measure of perseverance and talent as well as all the necessary tools. The right tool to do the work right! It’s so much easier to work when you have quality tools that have the necessary power. While contributing to the construction of top range patios, professional equipment helps to reduce the risk of injuries and occupational accidents. 

Professional tools: a plus for you

All our patio-terraces are levelled with an extremely precise laser pointer (1/8 in per 50 ft.), thus ensuring a perfectly straight patio. This type of precision is simply impossible to achieve with a standard bubble level. We use a large capacity mitre saw with a 1/10th degree adjustment to ensure clean and precise cuts. All this equipment, combined with our men and woman carpenters’ professional expertise ensure that you get a high quality patio or pergola.

Proud builder of exceptionally safe patios

Your family's safety: our concern and our priority

Questions to consider

Here are some fundamental issues that must be touched on before beginning your Personalized deck design


What dimensions will your project have?


Why do wish to have a new outdoor structure?


What architectural style are you looking for? Do you have a construction plan for your project ?


How much do you want to invest?


Pur Patio offers an amazing choice of finishing possibilities. Visit our materials section to find the type best suited to your needs.


Would you like do add lighting and electrical outlets?