The B.C. fir pergola was integrated into this Morin Heights patio. The pergola’s modern design does not overburden the wooden terrace’s layout. The design is by Louis Philippe of Pur Patio. One of the clients’ design prerogatives was to avoid shading the home’s interior, particularly during winter. 

Preference was therefore given to a high and “light” structure offering the possibility of adding two retractable shades allowing for total opacity if needed. Built of modern wood, it is supported by galvanized steel screw piles.

This house in Morin Heights had a wooden patio at the back. Unfortunately, several errors in design and building had considerably shortened the lifespan of the treated wood patio, used for less than four years. Built on Deck blocks, it literally sank into the ground after the first winter. In addition, several errors during assembly rendered the structure unstable. Although building a wooden patio appears simple at first view, we strongly recommend you entrust your patio construction work to seasoned specialists.

The owners Pur Patio’s  Louis Philippe to create a new unhindered contemporary patio design, with several dedicated zones. The main area of this cedar deck is reserved for meals with two wide stairways offering easy access to an in-ground pool and the front yard. An architectural pergola completes the dining area and supports retractable shades within its structure. An outdoor kitchen was added to the project after completion of the initial phase (see pictures of the outdoor kitchen).

The transition area between the dining area and the spa was deliberately aligned with sun to allow the positioning of lounge chairs. The wide step all around the edge of the median section of the cedar patio avoids the need for a guard rail, thus averting any visual hindrance.

Clad in wood, the spa has been renovated and is now an integral part of the cedar patio. The same dark colour chosen for the spa is used for the boards edging the patio and for the pergola. For better safety, stair risers are fitted with recessed DEL lights.

Note that 95% of the old patio has been recycled.





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