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How to properly light your outdoor landscape?

How to properly light your outdoor landscape ? The necessary steps to light your exterior the right way Outdoor lighting can contain several types of light. (Photo : In-Lite) In order to get a good idea of your outdoor lighting project, a sketch will help you a lot. You can either draw it yourself, or [...]

3 important points to find the right contractor

3 important points to find the right contractor How to find the right contractor for your outdoor project Taking the time to shop for a good contractor pays off Do you have an outdoor project coming up soon? You have surely already thought a little about what you want as an arrangement. However, we often [...]

Top 3 best patio flooring

Top 3 best deck flooring Choosing the right coating for your new deck floor Choosing the right floor covering Are you tired of your old deck? This year, you have chosen to redo your layout in order to take full advantage of it? If this is the case, one of the most important points to [...]

Top 3 most popular deck railings

Top 3 most popular deck railings Discover the favorite deck railing models and their features A well-chosen and safe deck ramp Whether for an existing deck or for a new terrace, the choice of ramps is important. The regulations of the majority of municipalities in Quebec require that you have a 36 inches ramp for [...]

Circulation areas

Whether inside or outside your home, in a business or at your workplace, all spaces are designed and designed according to traffic areas. What is a circulation area? And above all, what is it for? The more space you have, the more things you can put in! Not necessarily… A circulation area is a clearance [...]

Types of outdoor fireplaces

Integrating an outdoor fireplace into your layout is a very good choice to brighten up evenings and create a warm and unifying atmosphere. But as with all things, if we do not choose well according to our needs, it may turn out that we are not taking enough advantage. Often it is a small detail [...]

Integrate an outdoor fireplace into your layout

What could be nicer than enjoying an outdoor fireplace with family and friends? It allows us to stretch the moments spent outdoors until late at night, lengthen the seasons when we enjoy our course thanks to its warmth and it is even an unrivaled mood maker! Many people choose to incorporate one into their layout. [...]

How to properly fix your deck to your home

How to properly fix your deck to  your home Good construction methods to secure your deck The importance of fixing your deck Far too often in the deck building industry, we see people using questionable methods of inking it at home. Securing the deck to your home is very important. It helps prevent future problems [...]

Integrate a pergola in your layout

Integrate a pergola in your layout The advantages of having a pergola at home What exactly is a pergola? The word pergola is defined as a small garden construction. But how exactly do we distinguish it? Strictly speaking, it is an openwork structure that partially protects its occupants from the sun. At the base, it [...]

Is composite warmer than wood?

Is composite warmer than wood ? Answers to all your questions regarding the warmth of the composite I've heard that composite is hotter than wood. Is it true? Planning to redo your deck this summer and not sure what to do with the flooring? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of composite or PVC, [...]

The new generation: The bioclimatic pergola

The new generation: The bioclimatic pergola Enjoy the outdoors in any type of weather Example of a bioclimatic aluminum pergola by StruXure. The bioclimatic pergola, a structure that works for you A pergola is often added into our landscaping to provide a partially shaded area. A main disadvantage is that as the sun moves throughout [...]

Deck construction or renovation?

Deck construction or renovation? How to choose between building or renovating a deck in your home Evaluate the technical and practical aspects Do you have an outdoor landscaping project that involves a new patio? Already have one, but it's not to your liking and you want to change it? You have two choices: building or [...]

Outdoor structure: pergola, gazebo or veranda

Outdoor structure: pergola, gazebo or veranda The specifications and distinctions of these types of structures Custom built veranda-type exterior structure. Why integrate an outdoor structure into my layout? Many courtyards we know have one or more outside structures. We are talking about pergolas, gazebos and verandas. Some are made of wood, others of metal, sometimes [...]

A deck plan concept

A deck plan concept What is the deck plan for and is it really necessary? What exactly is a deck plan? Like all good projects in life, few do you start without a plan. Whether it's redecorating a room in the house, your future vacation or even the menu of the week. Every successful project [...]

Should we remove snow from our deck during the winter?

All summer long, we are more than happy to enjoy the good weather outside on our beautiful deck, but what about winter when it is buried under several feet of snow? Should we be worried about its weight to the point of clearing it out or is it sturdy enough and designed for that type [...]

Integrating a spa into your outdoor space

Integrating a spa into your outdoor space How to properly add it so you can better enjoy it Standard spa integrated into a complete exterior layout. Choosing the right spa when you don’t already have one Having a spa in your backyard has become increasingly popular in recent years. Homeowners often prefer it over swimming [...]

Create an intimate yard with a privacy screen

Creating privacy in your yard A variety of options to please everyone How to create privacy without feeling cloistered For those that live in the city or in the suburbs, having an intimate backyard can be a real challenge. Houses are often so close to each other that you can almost taste what your neighbor [...]

Build the deck of your dreams

Build the deck of your dreams How to carry out a project that meets your expectations Deck of your dreams with an infinity pool in mountains. Your future dream deck, a project that can be planned In the heart of our cold winters, days can be long and depressing. This is the perfect time to [...]

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