A maintenance free and extremely durable patio.

A composite patio

What is a Trex eco-friendly composite patio?

Composite is a combination of sawdust and 95% recycled plastic film from various sources.

Sawdust, which would otherwise end up in waste, is used in the production of Trex high performance composite. By using reclaimed sawdust, our manufacturer succeeds in not cutting down any trees during their manufacturing process.

Recycled plastic from a variety of sources ranging from plastic toilet paper wrappers, to the dry cleaner and sandwich bags, as well as shopping and grocery bags, is combined with sawdust to form what will become the actual composite.

A 500 square foot Trex composite deck contains an average of 140,000 recycled plastic bags!

What are the advantages of composite?

There are many advantages of having a composite patio:

  • Maintenance free. Unlike wood, it does not require sanding or staining.
  • Fading and stain resistant
  • Resists warping, rotting, cracking and fissuring
  • Mold resistant
  • No danger for splinters
  • Allows for design versatility
  • Is available in several colors

Build or restore ?

The redevelopment of a patio can take different avenues. Do you want to demolish your current patio and restart your new project with a composite one ? No problem, we can build you a turnkey project from the foundation to the finishing details.

You already have a balcony and only want to redo the floor in composite just to rejuvenate it? Since the composite must be installed according to specific construction techniques that respect very precise parameters, it will first be necessary to check your structure and your foundation to ensure that they are adequate. Our technical expert can check everything during a meeting at your home.

Why do business with a Trex Certified builder?

As mentioned above, the installation of composite requires a certain expertise to ensure the aesthetic and durable aspect of your patio.

Our team is trained in using the proper construction and installation techniques to ensure that your design will not only be attractive but also just as strong and safe.

Making the decision to build your Trex composite deck is a significant investment. That’s why you need to get the maximum return on your investment.

As a Platinum Trex Pro, we have achieved the highest level of certification. We have demonstrated our ability and expertise in the design and construction of outdoor living space projects with Trex products.

You can also visit our Platinum Trex Pro profile on the manufacturer’s website by clicking HERE. You will find comments and ratings from clients who have benefited from our expertise.

Is there a warranty for Trex composite?

A 25 year limited warranty is offered on Trex products. In addition, they are also guaranteed against fading and stains for 25 years. One of the best warranties in the industry.

Proud builder of durable and maintenance-free decks

Enjoy your summer instead of maintaining your patio!

Questions to ask yourself:

Here is a set of basic questions that must be addressed before starting the project.

The Size

What size patio do you want?

The Reason

Why do you want a patio?

The Architecture

What architectural style do you want? Do you already have a construction plan for your project?

The Budget

What budget do you want to invest for the construction of your patio?


Pur Patio offers an incredible choice of finishes, visit our finishing materials section to find the essence that suits you best.


The Accessories

Do you want to add lighting and outlets?