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Construction of a high-end ipe shed at the end of the swimming pool area

cabanon chic
cabanon piscine pratique
cabanon contemporain montréal
cabanon style moderne
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Project description

cabanon ipé montréal

This high-end Ipe shed has a beautiful contemporary style look and a practical configuration. It has large glass doors as well as numerous horizontal windows high up to provide maximum light inside. Its double doors, towards the swimming pool section, allow you to easily enter and remove the items necessary for swimming and maintaining it.

cabanon bois haut de gamme

Additionally, the door on the side allows direct access from the yard, making it easy to access for lawn maintenance. Finally, the roof slopes towards the rear so that the snow falls on this side and does not obstruct the entrances. It is therefore well thought out for optimal use, without compromising its refined design.

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