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Nami Fixations

The Best Method to Fix Your Patio at Home

Nami patio supports are installed directly on the foundation of your house, without damaging the covering. The structure of the patio is therefore completely independent of the house, which avoids the risk of water infiltration . The distance between the house and the patio allows rainwater to drain and air to circulate freely . Nami fasteners are distinguished by their simple, easy to install and highly efficient system.

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An economical, quick and solid way to attach your patio to your home!

No matter what patio project you have, there is a type of Nami patio support that is perfect for getting it done without breaking a sweat!

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Installing a fastener takes just 15 minutes in 3 easy steps!

  • 1. MARK

  • 2. DRILL

  • 3. FIX

“Very happy to have used this system for my patio. This helps avoid undoing the house’s siding. »

Pierre-Marc R.

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“Great idea, easy to install, solid. I recommend them for all terrace work! »

Christian S.

Reviews on Google

“The Namis were the ideal solution to make our patio without altering our new covering. The Namis are solid and install really well. The structure of our patio is 100% stable. I recommend 1000%! »

Samantha B.

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The advantages of Nami supports

Recognized as a trusted brand in its field , NAMI Fixations offers high quality patio supports , offering many advantages :

  • Strong and secure fixings (1200 to 5000 lbs);
  • Solution validated by engineering ;
  • Simple, quick and easy installation;
  • System that preserves the integrity of your home’s coating ;
  • Makes the structure of the patio completely independent from that of the house;
  • Designed to eliminate the risk of water infiltration ;
  • Allows optimal air circulation under the structure;
  • Ideal for personalizing the design of your patio , whether for a floor perpendicular or parallel to the house;
  • 25-year warranty (HD and Pro series) and a 5-year warranty (LW series)


Pur Patio is a proud distributor of Nami patio fixings

Our comprehensive inventory includes parts from the LW Serie , the Pro Serie , as well as the HD Serie . We offer our customers, individuals and construction contractors, as many varieties as possible so that you can find all the materials you need for your patio project.

Nami supports attach directly to the foundation of the house and can accommodate a parallel or perpendicular structure.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from one of our specialists to guide you towards the NAMI Fixations model best suited to your needs for carrying out your project!


Why use Nami patio supports?

Compared to a traditional patio fixing on the house, Nami Fixations patio supports save you time and money, without compromising the safety and solidity of your terrace . They are quicker to install, which means that the labor cost is lower than building a fixing directly on the house which will be adequate. In addition, they are fixed to the foundation, without altering the covering . The space between the house and the patio structure makes the two elements independent, thus avoiding causing damage or water infiltration.

How to choose the right binding?

You must first determine the configuration of your patio and the direction of your floor . Nami Fixations patio supports are available for several different uses , depending on the direction of your structure and the load they will need to support.

How many fasteners will I need for my patio?

The number of fasteners will depend on the length of your patio where it will be attached to the house. The space between 2 supports must not exceed 7 feet . It is also prohibited to use a support to support a junction. Each beam segment must have at least 2 supports . To learn more about how to calculate bindings, watch the video below.

Is this method safe for my foundation?

If all installation standards are met, there is no risk in attaching Nami patio supports to your foundation . There must be a minimum clearance of 8'' between the support and the openings (doors, windows, etc.) as well as the limits of the foundation. It is prohibited to use Nami patio supports in a foundation made from concrete blocks.

What is the guarantee?

Nami patio supports are all guaranteed by the manufacturer. For the HD and Pro series, the warranty is 25 years . For the LW series, the warranty is 5 years .


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