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Bring your dream to life with a personalized Pur Patio design!

design personnalisé

Pur Patio is the accomplice that allows you to achieve your dream design brilliantly!

From your inspirations, to the exclamations of the first guests in front of your new terrace, Pur Patio offers you simple and friendly support at each stage of the process.

Calling on Pur Patio means enlisting the services of experts whose achievements never cease to impress.

Pur Patio guides you in clarifying your expectations and specifying your needs

Their expert eye will be able to analyze the place taking into account the style of your home and the topography.

Based on this information, the Pur Patio team will be able to develop with you a plan that is both unique and practical, perfectly suited to your lifestyle. The expertise of our specialists allows them to offer you the methods and materials that best suit the project and which reduce the ecological footprint while making the best use of space.

Thanks to the use of computer-assisted drawing technology which allows the creation of precise and realistic 3D models, Pur Patio customers will be able to visualize a rendering of their future layout with all the elements that compose it.


Carrying out a project is simple and within everyone's reach.

Our personalized design process extends from the design of plans to after-sales service, including the choice of materials and the execution of the work, all in a cooperative and friendly atmosphere.

Pur Patio's experience translates into a result that meets your expectations, adapted to your budget and accompanied by a personalized service.

Do like hundreds of customers before you, trust Pur Patio to take your dream project from conception to completion!

Our different personalized design mandate offers

  • Express

    Suitable for small exterior structure development projects.

    This is a small mandate such as designing just a pergola or a gazebo because your entire yard layout is already done. Where else to design a small swimming pool patio detached from the house.

  • Standard

    This type of mandate is the most popular. It is suitable for complete exterior development projects.

    This is a regular design mandate that integrates several elements of exterior structures such as patio, skirt, pergola, gazebo, veranda, privacy walls, ramps and others.

  • Platinum

    This is our most perfect offer. It is suitable for complete exterior development projects.

    This is a mandate where you will have all the same inclusions as in the Standard mandate, but in addition, you will have photorealistic day and evening images + a virtual tour video!

  • Focus

    This is a special offer that allows you to adapt an existing plan according to your tastes and needs.

    This is a mandate for modifications to an existing plan that you like, but which includes elements that need to be changed to adapt to your yard or to better meet your desires.


The personalized design mandate is the first step for you to visualize your project

The basis of our collaboration is divided into two distinct stages: design conception and construction completion. Once the design project is completed, you can choose the path of self-construction or that of a turnkey project, built by Pur Patio. The plans are yours.

Here are the steps of the Standard personalized design mandate

  • offre de service

    1. The service offer

    Whatever your intentions, the first step is the service offering.

    By speaking to one of our advisors, they will be able to direct you to the right type of design mandate according to your needs. We offer different types of mandates depending on the nature and scale of your project.

    A precise and complete service offer will be sent to you by email and you will only have to accept to begin the mandate.

  • inspirations design extérieur

    2. Preparation

    Following the signature, you will be asked to begin your reflection by answering various questions which will help us identify your needs and specify your budget.

    You will also have to search for inspiration to allow us to understand your style and tastes.

    Certain documents and a few photos will allow us to begin modeling your home and yard before the first meeting.

  • rencontre clients

    3. The first meeting

    The first meeting can be done remotely by videoconference, in a showroom or at home (additional costs $).

    It involves exploring your needs, preferences and expectations in depth in order to determine the objectives and different aspects of the project.

    We will take this opportunity to examine the trends that catch your attention and the examples of projects that inspire you. In branch, we will be able to look at different materials.

  • élaboration concept design

    4. Design development

    Building on the information gathered during the first meeting, the design team takes action!

    We produce a document with several 3D perspectives and 2D technical plans as well as a detailed quote for materials or for turnkey construction of the project.

    You should allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks for this step, depending on the complexity of your project and the volume of mandates being carried out.

  • rencontre design clients

    5. Design presentation

    The second meeting can be done remotely by videoconference or in a showroom.

    It includes the presentation of the concept, developed by the design team. Thanks to 3D modeling, you will be able to visualize the result, as if you were on site. In branch, we will be able to look at different materials.

    After the meeting, you will receive by email a PDF document of your design and a quote for what was presented to you.

  • résultat final design

    6. The final concept

    Your mandate includes modifications. Thanks to your comments, we will be able to establish the final result of your project.

    If you wish to move forward with the construction of the project, a slot for the execution of the work will be reserved in our production schedule.

    Those who have chosen self-construction will be able to obtain, for an additional fee, a detailed list of materials as well as a construction plan.

Live the perfect design experience with the platinum mandate

The Platinum design mandate is the best option so that you can visualize your project as if you were there

Benefit from all the inclusions of the Standard mandate and also obtain photorealistic day and evening images of your project in addition to a virtual tour video which will allow you to visit your future dream development!

design platine pur patio

Would you like to see more examples?

Watch a compilation of some of our virtual tours of exterior designs created with Platinum design mandates.

Technology allows us to offer you three ways of proceeding to create the design of your project.

  • From a distance

    If you live in the region, or if you cannot come to our indoor store in Mirabel, opt for remote design.

    We will support you by telephone or video conference every step of the way. We will also give you advice to facilitate your choice of materials and deliver composite and PVC samples directly to your home.

  • In branch

    If you want to meet us in person and be able to see and touch the materials and accessories, opt for showroom design.

    We will be happy to make an appointment to see you in branch. We will have a section reserved for our meeting to explore your needs and preferences, while sipping a good coffee.

  • Home

    Is your time limited or do you consider it important that we see your residence on site to fully understand the challenges of your project? Then opt for home design.

    For an additional $250.00 + tax, we can come to your home for the first meeting. We will take this opportunity to take the necessary photos and measurements.

The advantages of coming to meet us

If possible, come to the showroom for your first or second meeting

Nothing is more practical than actually seeing the materials and products offered to you!

Coming to our store will allow you to see samples of composite, PVC, different wood species and stain colors. You can also shop on site for lots of items to enhance your future outdoor space, such as privacy screens, planters, outdoor lighting fixtures and even more!

Would you like a personalized design?

Pur Patio offers you an all-in-one solution to create a design that will meet your needs and will be a real eye-catcher!

We are here to help you every step of the way, from design to completion.