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Construction of custom pergolas

In the design of our custom pergolas, solidity, rigidity and safety are our priorities. We combine these important points with thoughtful and aesthetic design to create outdoor structures that exceed expectations! The unique look that we give to each of our creations is talked about and our reputation in this area is well established.

Benefit from our seasoned expertise to develop the design and ensure the construction of your future favorite relaxation space!

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What exactly is a pergola?

Mainly, we can say that it is an openwork horizontal structure which is supported by vertical columns. The horizontal part of a pergola is usually made up of a minimum of 2 beams which are used to support perpendicular joists, normally installed at regular intervals.

On the old continent, pergolas usually serve as supports for vines or any other plant cover that blocks the sun's rays.

In America, pergolas are more often used to delimit a space or simply to add a decorative element to a wooden terrace.

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Things to consider

A well-designed wooden pergola should partially protect you from the sun's rays, which is why its design and geographical orientation are very important.

Pergolas can be equipped with removable curtains or canvases (electric or manual) and/or fixed in order to enjoy the sun whenever you want. It is possible to integrate one on the top, but also on the sides to protect you throughout the day.

Since pergolas are usually tall and large structures, they are subject to certain constraints due to wind and significant lateral bracing is to be expected.

In addition, it is likely to have to support a significant amount of snow which could eventually accumulate on its structure. It must therefore be designed to withstand our climate.

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Assembly methods

At Pur Patio, our solid wood pergola structures are assembled using traditional methods and modern fixings. It is this mixture that ensures we build solid and visually impeccable pergolas of all styles and for all tastes!

Traditional assembly is a method which aims to machine wood to create tenons and mortises which will fit together during assembly on site. Technical plans must be produced and the timberframe is worked in the workshop before going to the construction site.

Assembly with fasteners may or may not require slight machining beforehand, depending on the type of fastener that is used. We will need to prepare the openings for the concealed fixings in the workshop. However, if they are exposed fixings, the final look will have a more industrial style and they will be installed directly on the construction site during the assembly of the structure.

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Used materials

In order to build pergolas that are as beautiful as they are durable, we favor the use of wood for the structures. That’s good, because working with wood is one of our specialties!

Wood species such as western red cedar, white pine and hemlock are good choices for this type of exterior structure. To ensure great strength, we favor pieces 6''x6'' and larger for the main elements of the structure, such as columns and beams.

The pergola joists are pieces of wood equivalent to or smaller than the beams, depending on the design. The choice of these elements is made by considering the look we want to give, the elements we must integrate and the loads they add to the structure.

Personalize your pergola

Adding certain decorative and lighting elements can completely change the look of your pergola. You can opt for items that will enhance the layout or for others that will make it more practical. Whether it's to make your space more intimate, add greenery or create a unique visual punch, Pur Patio has what you need.

Visit our online store or come meet us in store to see all our products and get sound advice!

Before you start, ask yourself the right questions

  • The dimensions

    What size pergola do you want? How much space can it occupy in your yard?

  • Needs

    Why do you want a pergola: a dining area, a spa area, a lounge?

  • The style

    What style of pergola do you want? What are your design preferences?

  • The budget

    What is the budget you want to invest in your custom pergola?

  • The materials

    Have you thought about what materials you like? Come see our selection in the showroom.

  • The accessories

    Do you want to be protected from the sun, have privacy or add lighting?

Would you like a pergola in your yard?

Pur Patio offers you a turnkey solution to create a custom pergola that will be a real eye-catcher!

We are here to help you every step of the way, from design to completion.