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The most advanced synthetic material technology in the use of wood particles

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Azek products are made of polymers coated on all four sides. They do not contain wood products and therefore offer unparalleled resistance to water and humidity. So, they come with a 50-year warranty against fading and staining . In short, products that concretize Pur Patio's commitment to excellence.

Their composition allows them to offer a cooler surface of more than 16 degrees and 40% greater slip resistance compared to competing products (the temperature of the surfaces may vary depending on their color), another way for Pur Patio to demonstrate its concern for the well-being of its clients.

Made from 100% synthetic products (including 54% recycled products), they are 30% lighter compared to competing products, including exotic woods. However, their composition of 54% recycled products in no way contradicts Pur Patio's firm commitment to supporting environmental protection. In addition, the boards of the Azek collection open the way to creativity, an undeniable characteristic of Pur Patio, by being offered in three different widths.

TimberTech, like Pur Patio , proudly stands behind its Azek products by offering a limited lifetime structural warranty (residential use).

Azek Vintage

The Vintage collection gives you the most versatile range of styles available. With boards offered in different widths (small, standard and large), this collection also offers you a very wide palette of colors with both subtle and spectacular accents. An ideal medium to express all the genius of the creators of Pur Patio.

AZEK Vintage features brushed matte finishes offering an unrivaled hardwood look, enhanced with subtle light and dark accents.

Available in 5 blended colors, allowing you to faithfully reproduce the rich look of wood species thanks to the varied shades.

Azek Landmark

Capture the essence of the great outdoors by succumbing to the simple yet striking beauty of these exotic woody hues. The Landmark collection is adorned with a range of warm colors, in different tones, similar to those found in nature.

AZEK Landmark features a hardwood appearance with a cross-shaped surface pattern, with medium to pronounced gradients.

Available in 4 blended colors allowing realistic wood tones.

Azek Harvest

Show off your casual style by opting for the classic beauty of these warm, natural colors. With its soothing soft tones and traditional wood-look relief, the Harvest collection will enhance the relaxing charm of your outdoor oasis.

AZEK Harvest features a cathedral grain pattern with no color variation

Available in 2 neutral and monochrome colors resembling opaque painted wood.


Azek - Vis Collated CORTEX - Collection Harvest Brownstone - 350 vis / 100 pi carre - PurPatio.ca

TimberTech Fastening Hardware - Azek

Pur Patio offers all the fasteners designed specifically for TimberTech boards. Specialized fixing systems facilitate installation and reinforce the integrity of the work. Ensure a solid deck by using metal fasteners rather than plastic. Thanks to TimberTech fasteners, pur Patio allows you to save time while allowing you to create stronger and more durable structures.

Pur Patio is a proud TimberTech Platinum certified builder

Builders who are TimberTech Platinum certified are those with the highest level of certification. They have demonstrated exceptional know-how in the design and construction of exterior developments with TimberTech products.

Choosing to trust a TimberTech Platinum partner for the design and construction of your exterior design project with TimberTech products is clearly choosing a professional who will do remarkable quality work with attention to detail and respecting practices pre-established by the company.

Additional Information

Product Features

What exactly is PVC?

PVC is an amalgam of polymer plastics. It is a synthetic material which ensures the longevity of the product and is very resistant to mold. Azek PVC planks contain 54% recycled plastics, making them an eco-friendly choice.

What are the advantages of choosing PVC?

It is a material that requires no maintenance. Since it is made of polymer plastic, it is very resistant to moisture damage like mold. It will not split, crack, warp, peel or rot. It will therefore maintain its perfect look over time. In addition, this material is lighter than composite, so it retains less heat.

What are the differences between the ranges?

Mainly, the difference is in the look. The entry range has a solid color and a pronounced relief. The higher you go, the more the colors are mixed and the relief worked to obtain a rich look, resembling real wood. Different colors are available in each range.


How long is the warranty?

All Azek PVC collections and colors have a 50-year limited warranty against fading and staining, in addition to a limited lifetime product warranty.

How can I benefit from the warranty?

The purchased product is registered with TimberTech-Azek so that your claims can be made easily. If you sell the property where the patio is built, this warranty is transferable to the next owner.

What is the guarantee that comes with the TimberTech Platinum certificate that Pur Patio holds?

You have peace of mind by hiring a contractor certified by the TimberTech-Azek company and who has obtained the Platinum level, the highest level of certification. Contractors who hold this designation have demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship with TimberTech-Azek products. This means that our constructions have been inspected and qualified as work of remarkable quality with attention to detail and that it respects the practices pre-established by the company.

Product features

What maintenance do I need to do on my PVC patio?

In fact, it has the advantage of being a maintenance-free material. The most you have to do is clean it at the start of the season with the pressure washer and let it dry before enjoying it! No more time-consuming sanding and staining. Wonderful, right?

What hardware stores specialize in this type of material?

Grooved PVC deck boards are installed with invisible clips that ensure equal spacing between boards. The square boards around the edges are fixed with Cortex screws, which are specially designed to camouflage themselves once installed. Thanks to their PVC cap that matches the color of your patio boards, you will no longer see them.

What are varied width terraces?

This is a unique feature of the high-end TimberTech-Azek PVC collection, the Vintage range. All colors in the range are available in 3 board widths, 3.25'', 5.5'' and 7.25'', to create superb patio decks with boards of different widths.