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Patio and terrace

Our motto: our patios should last as long as a tree takes to grow.

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Construction of patios and terraces

In the design of our patios and terraces, durability and safety are our priorities. We combine these important points with thoughtful and aesthetic design to create designs that exceed expectations! The quality of our work, the ingenuity of our solutions and the maximization of spaces redefine conventions. Our achievements are talked about and our reputation in this area is well established.

Benefit from our seasoned expertise to develop the design and ensure the construction of your future patio or terrace!

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The Pur Patio difference

A patio should be a place where you can spend time and relax in a peaceful and safe environment. It is intended to be an extension of your house to the outside and it must integrate with the architectural style of your home, as well as your tastes and desires.

Absolute quality Pur Patio

More than empty words, quality from all points of view is the raison d'être of Pur Patio. How many new home buyers are forced to rebuild their patio after only 5 years of use when patios should last a minimum of 25 years?!? Our mission is to build you durable patios that will meet your needs, while being the best ecological and economical choice, both for you and the environment.

Your patio isn't alive, but it's just like it.

For patios to be durable, they must be designed to breathe. Good air circulation under the structure is absolutely essential to avoid maintaining too much humidity in the wood. Pur Patio's unique construction technique has the advantage of minimizing wood-on-wood contact and increasing air circulation under the structure.

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From foundation to finish

We double the solidity standards

The structure of a wooden patio must withstand a live load of 40 psig per CMHC. Pur Patio therefore suggests doubling this standard for the resistance to the live load of the wooden structure to increase its durability.

All our patios without exception are built on galvanized screw piles, designed to resist ground movement during freezing and thawing periods. They descend to a depth of 7' in order to remain completely immobile, thus guaranteeing a solid and durable patio.

Water management is one of our priorities

To avoid the risk of water infiltration, Pur Patio uses Nami fasteners to anchor the patio structure to the house. They allow space to be kept between the structure and the house, thus promoting air circulation and water evacuation.

Finally, a patio must be designed so that water does not accumulate on the structural elements. A waterproof membrane is installed on each of the beams and joists in order to eliminate infiltration between the elements that make up the structure.

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Good quality tools

We attach great importance to the quality of the projects we carry out

Several customers tell us how easy it seems to build a patio. You just need the right technical knowledge, experience, a good dose of perseverance and talent as well as all the necessary tools. It's so much easier to work with quality tools that have all the power you need. In addition to allowing the construction of high-end patios, professional equipment helps us reduce the risk of injuries and work accidents.

Professional tools, an advantage for you

All our patios and terraces are leveled using a high-precision laser pointer (1/8'' by 50') which ensures you have a perfectly straight patio. This precision is simply impossible to achieve with a standard spirit level. We use a high capacity miter saw that offers 1/10 degree digital adjustment, for clean, exact cuts. All our equipment combined with the professionalism of our carpenters ensures you have a high quality patio or terrace.

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Patio Finishing Materials

An aesthetic choice, but above all logical

The decking that you choose to put on your new patio must obviously have an aesthetic side that you like, since it is the main element. However, you must not forget to make a logical choice by considering the advantages and disadvantages of the options available to you. Maintenance, durability and cost are important factors to consider, in addition to looks.

Composites and PVC, winning choices

A composite or PVC deck is a great investment! These products offer all the advantages without the disadvantages of wood. No more splinters, maintenance and deterioration! You will have an impeccable patio that will remain beautiful for many years, in addition to being guaranteed! In addition, it is an ecological material since it is made from recycled materials.

Why choose a composite or PVC patio rather than wood?

Opting for a quality material is an excellent investment

When we talk about price, there are two elements to look at: the purchase price and the long-term price. An organic material like wood will need to be sanded and stained over the years, which represents maintenance expenses. In addition, its lifespan is shorter than that of composite and PVC. Since it is an organic material, it is not guaranteed, unlike composites and PVCs which are guaranteed against fading and deterioration.

A look that maintains its beauty year after year, without maintenance!

If you like the look of wood for its warmth and warm tones, you will still find what you are looking for by choosing a composite or PVC patio floor. The different ranges and collections offer boards with varied patterns and colors that perfectly imitate wood. There’s no mistaking it!

Pur Patio only does composite and PVC decking

  • patio bois traité

    ⮽ Treated wood

    Chemically treated spruce, fir or pine

    • Low cost of purchase
    • High maintenance cost (sanding and staining)
    • Fairly short lifespan
    • Cracks, discolors and deteriorates over time
    • High risk of splinters
    • No guarantee
  • patio cèdre

    ⮽ North American Wood

    Eastern white or western red cedar and hemlock

    • Average cost of purchase
    • High maintenance cost (sanding and staining)
    • Average lifespan
    • Cracks, discolors and deteriorates over time
    • Medium risk of splinters
    • No guarantee
  • patio ipé

    ⮽ Exotic Wood

    Teak or ipe

    • High cost of purchase
    • Average maintenance cost (oiling)
    • Very long lifespan
    • Fade and deteriorate over time
    • Low risk of splinters
    • No guarantee
  • patio composite pvc

    ☑ Composite/PVC

    Composite or PVC

    • High cost of purchase
    • No maintenance costs
    • Very long lifespan
    • Will not crack, fade or deteriorate over time
    • No risk of splinters
    • Limited lifetime warranty and between 25 and 50 years for discoloration and deterioration depending on the range

Give your patio a style that suits you!

See all collections and colors

Privacy ramps and walls for a secure patio

Ramps and guardrails

Ramps and guardrails are one of the elements that can be added to your patio or terrace. In Quebec, there are regulations to respect regarding ramps and more strictly, pool ramps. Depending on the height of your patio from the ground or the location of your swimming pool for example, different rules apply. These laws must be validated with your municipality.

Privacy wall and screens

Privacy walls and screens offer a great solution for hiding from nosy neighbors. However, many choose to have them for their aesthetic side. They can be very stylized and composed of different elements and materials. It is possible to have walls made of horizontal boards of wood or composite or even opt for metal panels with openwork and trendy patterns.

Personalize your patio

Adding certain decorative elements and lighting can completely change the look of your patio. You can opt for items that will enhance the layout or for others that will make it more practical. Whether enjoying your space in the evening, adding greenery or creating a unique visual punch, Pur Patio has what you need.

Visit our online store or come meet us in store to see all our products and get sound advice!

Before you start, ask yourself the right questions

  • The dimensions

    What size patio do you want? How much space can it occupy in your yard?

  • Needs

    Why do you want a patio: a dining area, a spa area, a lounge?

  • The style

    What style of patio do you want? What are your design preferences?

  • The budget

    What is the budget you want to invest for the construction of your patio?

  • The materials

    Have you thought about what materials you like? Come see our selection in the showroom.

  • The accessories

    Would you like to have privacy, add railings or integrate lighting?

Would you like a patio in your backyard?

Pur Patio offers you a turnkey solution to create a patio that will meet your needs and be a real eye-catcher!

We are here to help you every step of the way, from design to completion.