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Design of a high terrace and a swimming pool patio for a complete outdoor layout on two levels

pontage trex
Spiced Rum
rampe contemporaine
patio composite
patio trex
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Project description

Spiced Rum

This beautiful property, in a modern chalet style, is located in a wooded region of the Laurentians. It has a partial view of a lake in the back. The client wanted to have a large terrace on the first level which would allow him to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful panorama. The terrain being steep, it was therefore a high patio. Additionally, given the large surface area of ​​the Trex patio, he wanted it to be made of a maintenance-free material.

terrasse composite

First, we assessed the land to define the best possible layout for the foundation. Next, we built a Trex Tropical patio in Spiced Rum, which spans the entire rear façade of the home and overlooks the natural landscape. Still with the same perspective, we installed glass railings. They are mounted on black aluminum posts and completely clear the view. This is the Contemporary model from Aluminum Distinction.

pontage trex

The arrangement of the dark brown decking and the black railings give a modern and distinguished look to this chalet. To optimize practicality without compromising aesthetics, a long staircase goes down to the side to give direct access to the land from this elevated terrace. Standard model bar ramps secure the steps.

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