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Design of a modern single-slope gazebo for dining and lounge area with hidden storage on the side

véranda en bois cèdre
patio trex composite
moustiquaires véranda timberframe
mur intimité bois
porche couvert maison
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Design description

patio trex composite

These clients own a chalet with a superb view of the lake. So, we developed the design of this patio with timberframe veranda as a complete project in several sections. First of all, the owners wanted to extend their home outwards. They wanted to have a covered patio for the main entrance, which would connect to the patio and veranda. In addition, they hoped to have a space large enough to accommodate a section with barbecue and outdoor dining room, in addition to a relaxation and lounge section as well as storage under the veranda.

véranda en bois cèdre

First, we built the large Trex composite patio area on the lake side. Composite is a material that requires no maintenance. This is a rather practical aspect given the scale of the project. We opted for the Havana Gold color which resembles wood and offers a warm look. This is a beautiful color for a lakeside patio. Then, we built storage under the patio. It is made of cedar planks and is integrated into the columns of the veranda which is located just above, with a sliding door.

timberframe poutres colonnes

A stained western red cedar timberframe makes up the veranda. We chose Sansin's Chesapeake color because it contrasts with the composite. It serves to set the tone for the structure and to draw the eye to the complexity of the assembly of beams and columns. Its roof follows that of the house and is made of natural cedar paneling. Natural cedar planks make up the wall of the house as well as the side privacy wall. We integrated the glass railings directly into the structure on the lake side and all other openings are screened, including the door which gives access to the outdoor terrace.

porche couvert maison

This outdoor area is used for barbecuing and eating. It is large enough to accommodate the barbecue as well as a table for 8 people. Moreover, the glass railings of the Contemporary model provide maximum view. We chose the Aluminum Distinction Standard model for the ramps on the side opposite the lake, up to the main entrance and on the steps. In addition, we selected gray railings to match the Chesapeake-colored timberframe. The porch we designed above the main front door looks like a miniature replica of the veranda. Ultimately, we successfully integrated all these elements added to the chalet, because they create a whole.

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