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Design of a pine timberframe gazebo with large outdoor kitchen, lounge and dining area

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Design description

gazebo pin

These clients entrusted us with the complete design of their yard, but the main request was to have a large pine gazebo with outdoor kitchen near the in-ground pool. The kitchen had to include several appliances such as a barbecue, a separate burner, a pizza oven, a smoker, a fridge and storage. We therefore made it the central element of this layout!

patio timbertech

First, there is a small composite patio near the house. It allows access to the land, the asphalt driveway and the garage. In addition, it is designed to accommodate a small dining area and direct access to the spa. It is made of TimberTech Reserve composite in Driftwood and Dark Roast color. A Hoft privacy wall of Sansin Espresso-stained Western red cedar planks is to the side to limit the view from neighbors. A Hideaway aluminum cutout, Branch model, is located in the center to decorate the wall. Also, there are Hoft planting containers located on either side of it.

aménagement piscine

Then, at ground level, we have several distinct zones on a gigantic paved area surrounding the swimming pool. The dining room is the only one that is not sheltered under a wooden structure. It is placed so that the occupants can eat while enjoying the sun, but an offset parasol still helps protect them. Right next door, at the end of the swimming pool, a pergola in Western red cedar stained Espresso and Onyx Black houses a relaxation section, partially protected from the sun. The Toja Solo and Trio bindings ensure its strength.

gazebo lounge

To conclude, the most spectacular element is undoubtedly the white pine timberframe gazebo. A stone fireplace integrated between the columns stands between the lounge area and the dining room. A wall of identical stones closes the back of the kitchen. Black steel cutouts, Flowleaf model by Veradek, decorate it. The black granite countertop provides plenty of work surface. Opposite, a custom bar counter in Driftwood-colored composite hides the fridge. In addition, he can receive guests during meal preparation, to eat or drink. Finally, throughout the structure and in the courtyard, In-Lite outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate the decor so that meetings continue late into the evening while creating an incredible atmosphere as soon as the sun goes down!

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