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How to properly secure your patio at home

The right construction methods to properly secure your patio

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The importance of properly securing your patio

In the world of patio construction, we see far too often people who use questionable methods to anchor them to the house. Attaching the patio to your home is very important. It helps avoid future problems that can worsen over time, sometimes without your knowledge. There are construction standards that are essential to respect to ensure the reliability, longevity and safety of your patio.

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The traditional construction method

First, the standards for patio construction and anchoring to the residence are multiple and sometimes complicated to understand. They are different depending on the house coverings. It is relatively long and complex to build a patio that meets all standards. In addition, it is important to prevent the risk of water infiltration so as not to cause damage to the house. To do this, you must properly include flashing. It is also necessary to provide a slope for the drainage of rainwater as well as a sufficient structure to support the weight of the patio and the snow. We must therefore take into consideration several factors which will have an impact on our way of constructing the framework of the patio.

Photo: Example of a poor patio attachment to the house siding.

Infiltration eau

Nami fixings, a simple way to secure your patio

Nami brackets represent a quick and safe alternative to attaching the patio to your home without the hassle. They have several advantages that allow them to stand out and be very appreciated by conscientious builders. At Pur Patio, we have been using this fixing method proudly designed in Quebec for years for the construction of our patios . The supports are suitable for both complete constructions and terrace expansions . They prevent damage to the covering of the house and at the same time eliminate the risk of water infiltration . The space they create between the house and the patio allows them to be completely independent of each other and allow water to drain naturally.

Photo: Example of a poor fixing (without Nami) which caused water infiltration.

The benefits of using Nami bindings

They are validated by engineering in order to correspond to the most demanding construction standards in terms of carrying loads and they are guaranteed for 25 years . The speed and ease of installation of these ingenious products are also assets. The brackets can be installed by one person and take about ten minutes for each one. In addition, they are designed to be suitable for both parallel and perpendicular beams , thus offering great flexibility in design and for terrace expansion.

To make the construction of your patio easier, get Nami fasteners.

Photo: Example of a good patio fixing at home with the Nami fixing system.

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