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Design of a large modern style western red cedar timberframe gazebo

flamant rose gazebo
gazebo lounge repas
gazebo cedre Terrebonne
timberframe cedre rouge
gazebo moderne bois
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Project description

gazebo bois timberframe

This large modern gazebo was designed to meet the requests of clients who wanted to have a custom construction oriented towards the swimming pool which would limit the view towards the future condo towers and the power lines behind their land. They also wanted to be able to create two distinct sections, an outdoor dining room and a lounge with a fireplace.

grand gazebo

So we built a modern structure in Western red cedar timberframe with braces at pronounced angles to give a unique look with character. It certainly enhances the existing layout by creating a wow effect that homeowners love.

flamant rose gazebo moderne

The gazebo houses a dining area and a lounge section with gas fireplace to extend the evenings. Located near the in-ground pool, it offers an ideal relaxation spot to take full advantage of the superb backyard!

gazebo piscine timberframe

Finally, the structure has a foundation on galvanized screw piles to ensure its durability over the years. Its mortise-tenon assembly gives a design of great quality and solidity, without compromising the general look, since it is free of visible hardware.

gazebo moderne bois
timberframe bois Terrebonne
gazebo timberframe Terrebonne
brace moderne gazebo
gazebo moderne cedre
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A custom 3D design plan was created before the construction of this project!

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