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Design of a composite patio with StruXure bioclimatic pergola and laser cutting with organic patterns

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Design description

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These clients' yard was already well landscaped with its paved areas, the large in-ground pool and the shed. But they wanted to have a facility to relax near the pool in the sun or in the shade. We therefore thought of designing a composite platform and integrating a StruXure bioclimatic pergola.

patio Trex

First of all, the Trex Transcend Tropical composite patio is maintenance free. Its warm and rich color, Havana Gold, placed near the swimming pool recalls the color of the golden sand by the sea. It is a place perfectly conducive to relaxation. In addition, the pergola allows you to choose the level of sunshine as you wish.

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We designed its structure in two parts. The lounge section is equipped with adjustable slats. They then allow you to control the brightness according to the given angle. On the other side, extruded aluminum columns and beams surround the fire section in order to delimit the space which is open to the sky. The Adobe color of the bioclimatic pergola with the white slats are in harmony with the general atmosphere of the courtyard. In addition, the beams of the structure of the two sections are equipped with recessed lights to pleasantly continue the moments until the evening.

pergola design

In order to hide the view of the shed as much as possible, we installed a privacy wall. It is made of a large white aluminum cutout. It is openwork with an organic pattern reminiscent of branches. This amalgamation of materials, colors and textures truly makes it a unique and distinguished place to lounge all summer long.

This 3D design was then built by the Pur Patio team!

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