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Should we clear snow from our patio during the winter?

The strength of our patios might surprise you!

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Quality can make a big difference

All summer long, we are more than happy to enjoy the nice weather outside on our beautiful patio, but what about in the winter when it is buried under several feet of snow? Should we be concerned about its weight enough to plow it or is it strong enough and designed for this type of load?

The general rule says that as long as you see the handrail of your patio railings at a height of 36'', it should be able to support the weight of the snow and even if there has been snow rain on the snow and all this beautiful weather cocktail froze on the spot. Patios must be built according to strict rules for loads to be supported established by the Building Code. Regardless of the height or size of it, it must be able to support its own weight in addition to an additional load of 40lbs per square foot . This additional load is planned so that it is safe with the weight of furniture, occupants, snow and ice that may be on it.

The strength of our Pur Patio constructions

Many builders decide to improve this standard by building a larger and more resistant structure. At Pur Patio, our standard is to at least double this standard to have a resistance of 80 to 100lbs per square foot. Our choice to build such solid patios is based on the fact that from year to year, climatic conditions are changing with global warming. There is therefore much more weather instability than before, which often causes snowfall, followed by rain, which will then freeze, only to receive snow again, which will then melt when the temperature rises, etc. ... All these conditions mean that the initial weight of the snow will multiply because it becomes waterlogged and accumulates ice.

In summary, the wetter, more compact and dense the snow, the heavier it will be. Its normal weight is estimated between 36lbs and 54lbs per square foot for a height of 36'' of snow, which, in principle, should be supported by the patio until your handrail has a height of 36'' disappears. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must also take into consideration snowfall from the roof and winds which could cause greater accumulations on your patio throughout the winter.

What is important?

The secret is to hire a good contractor, make sure they meet the standards by building a patio that has a good foundation and structure and you shouldn't have to shovel your patio for that long. that snow accumulations won't wait 3 feet high on this one. A great opportunity to enjoy the sun in the south without worries while your patio impatiently awaits the return of good weather, under the snow!

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