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Types of outdoor fireplaces

How to choose the type of fireplace that suits you

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Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each type

Integrating an outdoor fireplace into your layout is a very good choice to brighten up the evenings and create a warm and unifying atmosphere . But as in all things, if we do not choose well according to our needs, it may turn out that we do not benefit enough from them. Often, it is a small detail like the location of the fireplace in relation to the rest of the layout that does not make us want to go there, but the cause can also be a poor choice of type of fireplace in relation to the use we want to make of it . Here is a summary of the types of fireplaces available on the market as well as some advantages and disadvantages for each of them , you will be able to make a more informed choice.

Photo: Example of a layout incorporating a gas fireplace in the lounge area.

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Wood fireplaces

Small steel wood-burning fireplaces are certainly the least expensive . They are sold almost everywhere in hardware stores and big box stores. They are often made of painted metal and will eventually rust over time. They are the least strong and least durable .

There are also wood-burning fireplaces made from volcanic stone blocks . They are modular and customizable according to the space you have. They are more expensive, but they have the advantages of being durable and movable, if necessary .

Another option you have for a wood fireplace is the stainless steel fireplace . They can be freestanding or integrated into an exterior structure . They are durable , do not rust and are easy to maintain . However, they are as expensive, if not more, depending on the model, than stone block fireplaces.

This type of fireplace will certainly provide you with the most heat and light , so you can use it all year round without difficulty . But with a wood-burning fireplace inevitably comes the smell of campfire impregnated into clothing! In addition, depending on the wind, it can be very unpleasant to spend evenings around this type of fire, because it produces a lot of smoke. The final point to consider in relation to this type is that wood burning is not very good for the environment . On the other hand, you should know that it is possible to obtain ecological logs in order to reduce the emissions produced by combustion.

Left photo: Source Waifair / Center photo: Source Feu Ardent / Right photo: Source Keystone

Gas fireplaces

The group of gas fireplaces includes propane and natural gas . They are less polluting than the wood fireplace category. They can be in several shapes : round, linear, integrated into a small table, etc. They are therefore more compact, more aesthetic and blend better with all decors, because they exist in a multitude of different styles . They can also be made of different materials : metals, glass, stones, decorative crystals, etc. Prices vary greatly depending on the style, format and quality of the fireplace chosen. The most important thing to take into consideration is obviously the gas inlet . Whether it is a direct line or a cylinder , you have to think about it when configuring the space if this source is not hidden within the structure of the fireplace. Please note that you will need to refill in the same way as your barbecue if you opt for a cylinder. In addition, this type of fireplace produces less heat and light than wood fireplaces , so you can use it in spring, summer and fall, but not for the winter season.

Left photo: Source Foyer Gaz / Center photo: Source Waifair / Right photo: Source Zytco

Ethanol fireplaces

This is the most ecological category of fireplace on the market today . Ethanol being a gas produced from plants , it has the great quality of having odorless flames. No more laundry that smells like a campfire after an evening spent near the fire! Just like the gas fireplace, it comes in a wide variety of shapes and materials . It can therefore be suitable for all types of exterior decors. It also has the advantage of being much more compact than gas fireplaces. People who opt for this style of fireplace are more interested in the look, ambiance and decorative side of it than the warmth and light it can provide. In addition, it is often portable , therefore easily movable to enjoy it anywhere on your terrace and even inside the house if you wish. This type of fireplace is very popular and its price varies enormously depending on the style and format desired. Its source of heat and light being less than other types of fireplace, you will probably only use it during the summer season outdoors.

Left photo: Source Foyer Ethanol / Center photo: Source Waifair / Right photo: Source Piscine Center

Choosing wisely is profitable

In summary, it is important to take the time to assess your needs before making an impulse purchase. It is better to buy a fireplace that really suits us and that we will use to its full potential than a poorly chosen favorite, it is the best way to make your investment profitable . You must weigh the pros and cons of each type and take the time to evaluate how you will use it , you will not regret your choice!

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