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Top 3 Most Popular Patio Railings

Discover the favorite patio railing models and their features

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A well-chosen and safe patio ramp

Whether for an existing patio or a new terrace, the choice of railings is important. The regulations of the majority of municipalities in Quebec require that you have a 36-inch ramp for any patio that exceeds 24 inches from the ground . If your patio exceeds 6 feet high, you will then be required to have a 42'' railing. Additionally, if they are protecting access to the pool, then it is 48 inches and some cities will even require it to be 52 inches. Several other regulations apply depending on where you live. It is therefore important to check the municipal regulations for this purpose, since they may prohibit certain types of materials for example. Once you have done your research, you will then be able to choose which model of patio railings suits you best. Style, maintenance, durability and your budget are all things to consider . To help you in your choice, we present the 3 most popular ramps as well as their distinctive characteristics.

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1. Bar ramps

Bar ramp models are, without a doubt, the most common on the market and the favorites of consumers. They are the least expensive and easiest to install . In addition, there are several variations of these models, more or less wide bars, straight or curved, double crossbars, added ornaments, etc. These are in fact all-purpose patio railings. They go well with almost all styles of properties and layouts depending on the characteristics chosen. Maintenance may vary depending on the materials chosen. For example, it will be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to sand and stain wooden railings, but rather easy to clean aluminum railings. This is why it is very important to evaluate the material options available to us so as not to regret your investment in the long term.

Photo: Example of a heritage model railing from Aluminium Distinction .

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2. Glass railings

The choice of glass patio railings is growing in popularity. This is a more expensive option than bar ramps , but offers completely different features. In particular, they make it possible to limit visual obstacles and clear the view . In addition, they blend into the decor. They are available with several types of supports . Whether they are frames, posts with clips or simply fixings to the floor. To ensure safety and solidity, a good quality glass ramp will have a window with a thickness varying between 6 and 12 millimeters depending on the type of support it has. The more support there is, the thinner the glass can be. Conversely, the less support there is, the thicker the glass will be. A slightly more annoying feature is maintenance. The glass will remain beautiful over time, but you will need to clean it often over the course of a year to keep it clean. It is less recommended if you have children or a dog for example.

Photo: Example of a Contemporary model glass railing from Aluminium Distinction .

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3. Custom ramps

When you have a rather stylish layout and want a unique look, it is possible to have custom patio railings built. Obviously, this option is the most expensive , since you have to plan for design and research time to ensure that they work and that they comply with all regulations in force. We must not forget that the ramp serves, first and foremost, to ensure the safety of the occupants . It is possible to integrate several elements such as sections with bars or glass, privacy walls, laser cuts, planting containers, etc. The particularity is that the sections will not all be identical . In addition, the person who designed the design for you will have taken into account the areas of your patio in order to create a coherent style and interesting visual focuses .

Photo: Example of a custom railing with openwork metal cutouts.

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