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Integrate a spa into your layout

How to properly integrate it to better benefit from it

spa aménagement
spa aménagement

Choosing the right spa if you don't have one

Having a spa in your backyard has become increasingly popular in recent years. Households often prefer it to the swimming pool, especially if they do not have children. First of all, it offers several advantages that the swimming pool cannot match such as: lower price, easier maintenance, more compact format, the possibility of enjoying it all year round and it is subject to much less municipal regulations, in addition to being movable if you wish. There is a lot of diversity on the market, both in terms of sizes and functionalities. This is why it is important to ask yourself the right questions before purchasing so that your choice meets your needs. Why exactly do you want a spa? When do you plan to enjoy it? How many users will you have? Think about all the practical and aesthetic aspects before you start shopping. This way, you will not be disappointed and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Photo: Standard spa integrated into a complete outdoor layout.

spa cour

Be well informed before you move

First and foremost, you must find out about the municipal regulations in force in your city before installing the spa. You can generally find these regulations online on your municipality's website, in the urban planning section. You do not need a permit to install the spa . However, you may need a permit for work prior to its installation, such as pouring a concrete slab for example. This is why educating yourself is the first step. Luckily, compared to a swimming pool, the regulations are much less strict. You do n't need to fence it in with a 48-inch railing or fence. In this case, the cover serves as protection. Depending on the city, it is necessary or not to respect a distance from the house or neighbors. In all cases, this distance is less than for the installation of a swimming pool. In addition, the work necessary to accommodate the spa is much less important and costly than for a swimming pool. The good thing is that you often don't even need a permit.

Photo: Spa positioned in the center of the layout.

spa design

Where can I install it in my layout?

Now that you have chosen your spa model and have done your research with the city to meet the standards, you can determine the ideal location for your future peaceful oasis. The most important thing about location is that it should be close and easily accessible . Many people make the mistake of taking advantage of the size of their yard to create several distinct living spaces. Little advice, it is always more advantageous to bring them together, because we use them more and they interact together to create a versatile and unifying layout . Plus, if the spa is close to the house, you'll want to go when it's colder, while if you have to go to the back of the yard, you may abandon the project. If you have difficulty determining the perfect place, remember that professionals exist to advise you . Finally, in the event that the spa is part of a complete redevelopment project for your yard , it may be wise to have a personalized design plan drawn up to ensure that it is well integrated and that this new yard meets all your needs.

Photo: Spa placed near a lounge gazebo to create a friendly layout.

Little extras that change everything

The location of the spa is one thing, the integration of it into your layout is another. You must think that it must fit in and not clash with your layout . The aesthetic side is then very important. Whether for color, materials or even lighting, it must match the style of your yard . Moreover, when you enjoy it, you want a moment of sublime relaxation or even a friendly party. In short, you want this moment to be an experience every time . Small additions such as a pergola or gazebo to provide shade, screens to create privacy or even an attached bar counter can make all the difference . To make this place pleasant and attractive, the surrounding planting also plays an important role in making you feel good there. The final touch is the accessories, the little useful things that will enhance the environment . For example, consider putting hooks or a small bench nearby to place towels or dressing gowns nearby. You can also find accessories such as light garlands or lanterns to install nearby for a beautiful evening atmosphere . Don't neglect any detail and you will have a perfect environment to enjoy your spa!

Photo: Spa annexed to the patio with a wooden pergola.

spa pergola

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