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Outdoor structure: pergola, gazebo or veranda

Specifications and distinctions of these types of structures

structure extérieure

Why integrate an outdoor structure into my layout?

Many people's yards that we know have one or more outdoor structures. We are talking here about pergolas, gazebos and verandas . Some are made of wood, others of metal, sometimes attached to the house, sometimes freestanding. Of course, we can decide to integrate one for aesthetic reasons or to give the desired look to certain design styles . However, the primary goal of these structures is to meet one or more specific needs . As for the look, size and materials chosen for its construction, it will be the layout of the areas in the space, the level of maintenance and the budget which will determine the choices to be made.

pergola bois


We can define the pergola as the basic exterior structure. It has the fewest components. It is often used for purely aesthetic purposes in order to demarcate an area. On the other hand, it actually serves to partially protect its occupants from the sun . It is generally made from columns and beams with joists at regular intervals. The structure may also require stays at the corners between the columns and beams to ensure its strength. In order to completely protect yourself from the sun, it is possible to add manual or electric retractable shade sails . Lesser known, there is a completely different type of pergola which is increasingly popular, the bioclimatic pergola . Whatever type you choose, several models are available on the market, making it possible to meet several styles, quality levels and budgets.

Photo: Wooden pergola with integrated retractable shade sails.



Several gazebo models, offered in different shapes, materials and components, are available on the market. It is probably the most common and best known exterior structure since it is very popular in hardware stores. The primary objective of a gazebo is to protect its occupants completely from the sun and rain . This is a good option for enjoying the outdoors regardless of the weather conditions . There are many ready-to-go models that simply require assembly at home. However, few of them are actually of good quality. Having it built by an expert is a more expensive choice to purchase, but really more durable, and therefore more profitable in the long term .

Photo: Freestanding wooden gazebo model in modern style.

véranda bois

The verandas

Our final type of outdoor structure is the veranda. It is mainly on the side or at the back of the residence. Always attached to the house , it offers direct access to its occupants. Its purpose is to protect you from the sun, rain and mosquitoes . It is therefore very versatile and this is why, among all the structures, it is the most expensive since it has many components. The materials used are very diverse, but it is necessarily equipped with mosquito nets and sometimes glass windows. Small nuance to make, if the structure is entirely enclosed in glass, it is a solarium, considered as an extension of the house and not as an exterior structure.

Photo: Custom wooden veranda attached to the house.

Choosing your structure for quality time outdoors

Now that you know the different exterior structures , you will be able to make a more informed choice for your yard. They are available on the market in several materials but it is also possible to have one designed and built to measure . The latter being personalized, it will probably be better suited to the areas you want to protect from the sun, rain or mosquitoes. Its look will be unique and tailored to your style preferences and budget. Well chosen, it’s an investment you won’t regret. In conclusion, remember that having an outdoor structure, no matter which one, means adding comfort to a section of your layout according to your needs. It is therefore an added value that will allow you to spend a lot of quality time outside throughout the summer.

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