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Create a privacy wall in your yard

Varied privacy wall options for all tastes

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How to Create Intimacy Without Cloistering Yourself

For people who live in the city or the suburbs, having an intimate backyard can be a real challenge. The houses are close to each other, in fact, we can almost see what our neighbor is eating for dinner on his patio. Several options are available to you for installing elements that will provide you with a privacy wall. You just need to clearly understand your needs, identify the problematic aspects and adopt the most appropriate solution in your context. Several factors can influence your choice such as ease of construction or assembly, look or even price. However, to maximize the added privacy, consider what more it can bring to your layout . It can be a delimitation of an area, a visual focus or even creating an atmosphere in your yard. Make sure you arrange everything. This element should not just be a visual obstacle, but an integral part of your design . If you need help with this step, do not hesitate to ask for the help of a professional so that they can create a thoughtful concept according to your needs.

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Privacy walls

The most common solution is certainly the privacy wall. Almost any way is good to build one, their design and durability depends only on your imagination and your manual skills, of course! Several materials can be used for its creation, so it is important to make logical and informed choices. Pay attention that the materials chosen are designed for the exterior and resistant to corrosion . Additionally, make sure the hardware is suitable so that your wall is strong and durable. If you want an easier option, there are ingenious systems on the market. We can think of Hoft posts which are sets of grooved aluminum posts with hardware into which you can simply insert the boards of your choice. In addition, the spacers ensure equal space between each board for a perfectly successful, quick and hassle-free look .

Photo: Photo of a wood privacy wall with Hoft aluminum posts. (Source: Hoft .)

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Cutouts with openwork patterns

Another privacy option that is slowly making its way onto the market is openwork patterned cutouts . Available in several materials, colors and patterns , there is a wide range, designed especially for outdoors. They offer an incomparable look . In addition, they allow you to decide on the desired level of privacy since the patterns are more or less opaque. Depending on the brand, the cutouts have a predefined size. To create a complete screen with these, you must buy several and juxtapose them. Sometimes, it is possible to obtain a suitable support to attach the cutouts to . Otherwise, let your creativity run wild and integrate them into another structure or into a custom-made privacy wall . The design of these cutouts will definitely create a beautiful atmosphere in your yard .

Photo: Photo of a privacy wall made of steel cutouts, integrated into a wooden pergola. (Source: Pinterest ).

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Other options, without construction

A multitude of other options that do not require any construction are available to you. It can be as easy as choosing your furniture and layout accordingly . For example, a sofa with a high back placed with its back to your nosy neighbor can be effective in limiting their view. Accessories such as an offset parasol or gazebo with curtains can also be considered to solve the problem. Finally, we often forget another great option, but so effective! It's about vegetation. Whether they're real plants or not, they're sure to provide privacy and add a lot of style to your decor. You can consider extendable trellises with foliage or even pots and planters to integrate into your layout where it is necessary to limit the view. In the longer term, grasses, shrubs, trees or hedges can create an intimate cocoon in your yard. So there are options for all styles or tastes !

Photo: Beautiful example of an intimate courtyard thanks to the vegetation.

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