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Anchoring systems for exterior structures

Make the right choice for a safe, solid and sustainable project

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Anchoring systems are the basis of your project

When the time comes to build an exterior structure project, we want it to be safe, solid and durable . The basis of all this is the anchoring systems that you will choose for your structure. They must be adapted to your type of project : patio, pergola, gazebo, veranda , etc. In addition, since they will be outside and exposed to bad weather, they must resist several elements . We are talking here about water, wind, freezing and thawing, sun, heat, etc. We must therefore choose the right system to have a successful project which will stand the test of time without deteriorating and which will adequately ensure the solidity of your structure. We therefore present to you some examples of anchoring systems that could be suitable for your project. They are all specially designed to create exterior structures .

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Toja supports

The various supports from the TojaGrid company are used to build structures such as pergolas, gazebos and privacy walls. Thanks to their ingenious design, these fixings allow you to create solid and durable constructions. In addition, they use pieces of wood of common dimensions . Their anchoring systems are designed so that the wood does not require machining, only straight cuts , if necessary. So you can build your own personalized outdoor space in no time. You don't even need any special construction skills! They are, however, visible as the wood is inserted and then secured into the supports. However, the look is neutral, since the supports are straight and black. They can therefore be suitable for several styles of layout . TojaGrid also offers several accessories that you can add to your structure. They offer planters, canvases, mosquito nets, hammocks and many others. It is then easy to personalize your project according to your needs without hassle, since everything is designed to go together.

Photo: Toja Quad Support. (Source: TojaGrid )

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The Holz Technic and Rothoblaas systems

These two companies offer different specialized anchoring systems that allow you to create several types of exterior structures. These fixings allow for high quality construction for pergola, patio and veranda projects for example. We find specific products such as connectors, fasteners and supports for columns and beams, floor anchors and fixing brackets . Some are adjustable, which allows you to build sturdy and durable structures , while still benefiting from a certain flexibility. Each product has its own application for different types of structures. So you just have to choose according to the needs of your project. Certain anchoring systems, such as the F70 post bases for example, require prior machining of the wood to be able to be installed correctly. This is one more step in the design of the project, but it allows the fixing to be hidden in certain cases . Holz Technic and Rothoblaas also offer other types of specialty outdoor hardware , including several types of screws.

Photo: Rothoblass F70140L anchoring system. (Source: Rothoblaas)

Nami bindings

Nami fasteners are the best option for building a patio , terrace or balcony attached to the house. Their anchoring systems allow them to be attached directly to the foundation of the house, without damaging the covering . Their unique design is developed to distance the patio structure from the wall . These two elements ensure that water can easily drain from the patio without risk of infiltration. Depending on your project, you can choose your supports to build a structure with beams parallel or perpendicular to the house. In addition, they are easy to install , which saves the construction time of the project.

Photo: Nami N2 brackets for fixing the patio to the foundation of the house. (Sugar: Nami Fixations)

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Plan your project

Finally, there are several types of anchoring systems offered by different companies that allow you to carry out your project so that it is safe, solid and durable . No matter the exterior structure you want to build, there are fixings adapted and resistant to the climatic conditions of Quebec . The important thing is to plan the elements you will need as well as the necessary preparation before starting your project . This will make it easier to see the big picture and make the right choices. Visit our online store to see the range of products we offer in the companies presented to you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice or have any questions about carrying out your own exterior construction project!

Photo on the left: Installation of a Toja Trio bracket (Source: Toja) / Photo on the right: BSI attachment from Holz Technic (Source: Holz Technic).

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