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The new generation, the bioclimatic pergola

Enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine

pergola aluminium struxure

The bioclimatic pergola, a structure that works for you

We usually integrate a pergola into our outdoor layout in order to have a partially shaded section. The disadvantage of this is that throughout the day, the sun moves and therefore the shadow it produces also. Furthermore, as soon as it starts to rain, we are forced to go inside to find shelter. What if I told you that this is now a thing of the past? The bioclimatic pergola is an intelligent pergola that can overcome all these disadvantages. It is specially designed to adapt to varied and changing weather conditions. So you can enjoy your class however you want while she manages the temperature for you.

Photo: Example of bioclimatic aluminum pergola from StruXure . (Source: StruXure)

pergola aluminium StruXure
pergola lames orientables

Ingenious systems, designed for your comfort

This new generation of pergola incorporates ingenious systems, always designed with your quality of life and your comfort outdoors in mind. It is equipped with adjustable shutters integrated into the structure. They will give you the amount of shade you want. The angle of the shutters will then allow you to decide whether you want more or less shade depending on your needs and the time of day. Plus, when fully closed, you get a waterproof roof, allowing you to stay outside despite the rain. Also, the gutter system at the perimeter of the pergola takes care of water management. The bioclimatic pergola is therefore a versatile structure where it is pleasant to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the conditions.

Photo: Adjustable louver system integrated into the structure of the pergola. (Source: StruXure)

pergola bioclimatique aluminium

A structure of unrivaled durability and longevity

The main quality of this type of outdoor structure is that it adapts to weather conditions. This feature ensures that it lasts a long time. Made of aluminum with a high-strength coating, it will not rust. Its design also allows the louvers to be placed in the fully open position to allow air to circulate freely. This is why in the event of strong winds, even hurricanes, it will resist , because the bioclimatic pergola will not offer any resistance thanks to the opening of the shutters. On the other hand, its structure is very solid since it is completely manufactured with extruded aluminum components . It will therefore be able to face Quebec winters without problems for many years.

Photo: The bioclimatic pergola adapts to changing weather conditions. (Source: StruXure)

A customizable pergola with multiple possibilities

All components of this type of pergola are easily customizable . First of all, you can choose the color of each element such as columns, beams and shutters according to your tastes and to match your home. It is also possible to add elements such as rain and wind sensors, integrated lights, ceiling fans, side curtains, heating and air conditioning systems as well as architectural elements such as cornices for example . All these choices will determine the style of your bioclimatic pergola which will be as unique as you and which will meet all your needs. Finally, for lovers of luxury and technology, know that it is possible to add a home automation system so that you can control all the parameters of your pergola via an application directly on your smartphone.

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Photo: Custom structure with recessed lighting. (Source: StruXure)

pergola lumières encastrées

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