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Integrate an outdoor fireplace into your layout

Enjoy your yard to its full potential

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Brighten up your evenings with a well-integrated outdoor fireplace

What could be nicer than enjoying an outdoor fireplace with family and friends? It allows us to extend the moments spent outside until late in the evening, to extend the seasons when we enjoy our course thanks to its warmth and it is even an unrivaled atmosphere creator! Many people choose to incorporate one into their layout. But is it still well positioned? Are you using it to its full potential? And above all, do you have the right fireplace for the purpose you want to use it for?

The first important thing to know is that each municipality has different regulations regarding the rules governing the type, use and position of an outdoor fireplace. It is therefore important to contact your city to find out what municipal regulations are in force before creating your development with a fireplace. In general, these rules are put forward jointly by the city and the fire safety service in order to ensure your safety, but also that of your neighbors . In some cases, your city may require that you apply for a permit to approve your development.

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Choose the right type of fireplace

Now that you know your city's regulations, your next step is to choose what kind of fireplace you want . Each has pros and cons, but ultimately it often comes down to price. The budget that you can invest in purchasing a fireplace is very varied, ranging from $80.00 to $5000.00 and even more, in some cases, if you want something custom. There are 3 “big families” of outdoor fireplaces: wood, gas and ethanol.

Photo: Outdoor wood fireplace on paved area in the yard.

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Consider the use of the fireplace

In order to choose the type of fireplace that suits you best, the only thing left to evaluate is the use you want to make of it . If your goal is to enjoy your outdoor fireplace all year round , it is obviously a wood fireplace that you need, because it is the one that will give you the most heat. So you can roast marshmallows even in winter, with both feet in the snow. However, you must also take into consideration that this type of fireplace cannot be placed directly in the center of your terrace , because depending on the winds, it could be dangerous to damage or set fire to the surrounding furniture and the surface. of flooring, if it is made of wood for example. To take full advantage of it, you could set up this type of fireplace on a paved or pebbled area attached to your terrace . You must also provide a storage space for the logs that is not too far away. Avoid placing the fire area at the back of the yard, this will discourage you from going there, especially if you have to bring chairs and logs each time.

Photo: Outdoor gas fireplace in a lounge area.

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Think about where your household will go

If you instead want to integrate your outdoor fireplace into the terrace , you must opt ​​for a gas or ethanol fireplace . Remember that the gas fireplace requires a gas source, so it is stationary, but the ethanol fireplace is more compact and portable. This is probably the factor that will influence your choice the most, as both can be integrated very well into your lounge or outdoor dining area. They are conducive to creating a beautiful atmosphere and bringing a nice accent to the decor . On the other hand, they produce less light and heat , among other things, because of the size of the fire. This is therefore an option that you will not be able to take advantage of late in the fall, early in the spring and during the winter, because it will be too cold.

Photo: Outdoor gas fireplace under a gazebo.

Good thinking equals good choice!

Here's a summary of what you need to know before getting an outdoor fireplace. Remember that it is important to learn about municipal regulations and comply with them. Choose a fireplace that meets your needs and your budget and place it near or directly in your main outdoor living area to make the most of it and brighten up your terrace.

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